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SEO and Web Marketing: How Guest Blogging Can Help Your Web Marketing Efforts

This article submitted by Pierre Zarokian of Submit Express. Content and backlinks go hand in hand when you discuss Search Engine Optimization. You have to have great content on your website. However, if no one is reading that content, then it is a big waste of time because no one will be able to click on your links. You have to have other websites linking to your website. These links can be challenging to get, I know. One good way to get links to your website is to post blog posts on other blogs. We’ll explore the details behind this popular strategy in the rest of this article. Look for blogs that target your ideal client. In order for guest blogging to be effective, be sure to find blogs that target your ideal client. It makes no sense to guest post on a site for vegetarians if you are selling meat. Your guest post idea probably will not get accepted. The idea behind this article is to get the reader to click through to your website. If your website isn’t related to the blog, you won’t see that result. Find out the rules for guest blogging before you approach a blogger about guest blogging. Nothing irritates bloggers more than to have people approaching them about guest blogging without having read the guidelines first. Not reading the rules is a surefire way for a blogger to tell you to take a long walk off a short pier. Guest blogging is a great way to get backlinks to your website. It is also a great way to get in front of a different audience. Your best customer could come from the guest post you did. Please be careful and submit your best... read more

SEO and Web Marketing: How to Use Off Page Optimization To Bring Traffic To Your Website

Article submitted by Pierre Zarokian of Submit Express. It’s very important to have qualified traffic coming to your website. If no one visits your website, you won’t make any sales. Without visitors, no one will click on your ads. One important aspect of Search Engine Optimization is getting links to your website from other websites. Using “click here” is not going to help you with your off page optimization. Off page optimization basically deals with optimizing the links you get from other websites. We will discuss ways to improve the results you get from off page optimization. Be sure to get links from relevant sites. If your site is about pets, don’t waste time with a site dedicated to helping people with pet allergies. Relevancy is a key factor in how successful your off page SEO campaign is. Make sure your keyword is in the anchor text. If you want to rank for dog cages, use that as the term that will be hyperlinked on the website. This is what helps you gain higher search engine placement for a particular keyword. Off page optimization is just as important as on page optimization. If no one is linking to your site, search engines will determine that you are not an important source of information about your topic. If you are not using your keywords in the anchor text when you get links from other sites, you won’t rank for the keywords you are trying to rank for. —————————————————————————Article submitted by Pierre Zarokian of Submit Express.  Submit Express offers SEO, Link Building and Online Reputation Management services. In addition, Submit Express offers many free webmaster tools and an SEO... read more

Keyword-Driven Personas – Whiteboard Friday

As inbound marketing is gaining traction, marketers in all inbound disciplines are realizing the importance of taking on keywords with a more holistic approach. It’s time to start building your keywords into the bones of your site, rather than adding them once your site is already completely mapped out. In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Ruth Burr discusses how you can use your keywords to drive personas, and ultimately affect your site mapping process for the better. Leave your thoughts and questions in the comments below!   For your viewing pleasure, here’s a still image of the whiteboard used in this week’s video! Update: Ruth referred to some code that Mike King of iAquire put together that may help your site if integrated into your analtyics. Give it a... read more

SEO and Web Marketing: How Videos Can Drive Traffic To Your Website

You may have been on the fence about video marketing, thinking it was only for people with fancy recording equipment or too much time on their hands. Video marketing is something that you can’t ignore any longer. Videos are a very effective way to get qualified traffic to your website. We’ll explore how video marketing can help your SEO efforts. Videos get shared. When people see interesting videos they tend to share those more quickly than articles. If your video is on a video sharing site that allows webmasters to embed the video, your video could wind up getting shared on different websites without your having to ask. This increases your exposure in ways that writing an article doesn’t. Videos help you build rapport with your target audience. Sometimes people just need to see for themselves that you are in fact a real person. When you record video, you get the added benefit of using your personality and body language to help people be able to trust you. With so many con artists on the Internet, people want some reassurance that you are not going to cheat them. When potential customers see your video, your dazzling smile and charming personality will help them get to know you better. Video marketing is a must for any online marketer. Don’t worry about how you look. Don’t be concerned about what to talk about on your video. Chances are that if you have enough to blog about, you have enough to do a video... read more

SEO and Web Marketing: How Social Media Can Help Your SEO efforts

Social media is an important part of Search Engine Optimization. Many of the social media profiles are indexed by search engines. If you’ve been ignoring social media thinking it was a passing fad just for young people, you are missing out on a big chance to get more backlinks. In this article we’ll explain how you can use social media to help with your Search Engine Optimization efforts. Social media gives you one way links. When you post your link on social media, that is a one way link. You usually don’t link to each individual post from your own website. This creates one way links. One way links signal importance to search engines. Social media gives you more places to share your content. When you’re active in social media, you have more places to share the content that you create. This is important because you need to have traffic to your content. It’s helpful if the visitor already trusts you because of the relationship you have built with that person through your social media actions. Use social media wisely and you will have tons of qualified traffic coming to your website. Don’t expect overnight success. Stay consistent and you’ll see positive results from your social media campaign. Social media should be a big part of your Search Engine Optimization strategy. Yes it can be time consuming, but you can outsource a lot of that work. Social media is not going anywhere. Your business needs to have a social media presence to assist with your efforts to rank highly for certain... read more

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