SEO and Web Marketing: How Videos Can Drive Traffic To Your Website

You may have been on the fence about video marketing, thinking it was only for people with fancy recording equipment or too much time on their hands. Video marketing is something that you can’t ignore any longer. Videos are a very effective way to get qualified traffic to your website. We’ll explore how video marketing can help your SEO efforts.

Videos get shared.
When people see interesting videos they tend to share those more quickly than articles. If your video is on a video sharing site that allows webmasters to embed the video, your video could wind up getting shared on different websites without your having to ask. This increases your exposure in ways that writing an article doesn’t.

Videos help you build rapport with your target audience.
Sometimes people just need to see for themselves that you are in fact a real person. When you record video, you get the added benefit of using your personality and body language to help people be able to trust you. With so many con artists on the Internet, people want some reassurance that you are not going to cheat them. When potential customers see your video, your dazzling smile and charming personality will help them get to know you better.

Video marketing is a must for any online marketer. Don’t worry about how you look. Don’t be concerned about what to talk about on your video. Chances are that if you have enough to blog about, you have enough to do a video on.






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